Got A Job with the IMF… and it’s NEUROTIC Baby!!!

So Ya… Made the 8’th video for “Song’s From Mom’s House.”  I Fucking HATE THE IMF.

This one brings me back to my Punk Roots… hard to believe it’s an “Acoustic” song.

Special Thanks To My MOM… the best damn Roadie on the PLANET!


Remastered Neurotic Ensemble’s 3rd session (Manta Sound). On the previous session I was using a Gretsch Tennessean… This session it’s a S.G. junior… a little too crispy 🙂  Rescued from Cassette thanks to Andy Hauber.  It’s a little rough, but it rocks… it rocks.

And, the site has been Re-Built from Scratch.  I had used “Bold Grid and Unyson Frameworks together… and well, you just shouldn’t do that.  I learned my lesson, and just used Unyson on top of WordPress with Site Origin Widgets and Jet Pack Functionalities.  This should stay up until I learn some (Lots) more code.  Look Around and click stuff, subscribe, leave a comment and download all you want.

Next time out (mid-May(…. I will have the last installment (maybe second last, if I can find more “Live” from Lee’s Palace stuff) of The Neurotic Ensemble… I can picture Jamming at Derrick’s Farm House in Brooklin with him. Brad and Adam… fond memories!

That’s it from now, L.AM.F.





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