S.S.R.I. …Side FX & Medicated Rock’n Roll ACTION man…

Hey folks:

I’m late with this one, grrr.  Just 1 Song/Video for you: S.S.R.I.

S.S.R.I.’s are a type of medication used to treat depression.  This song is about the side effects I’ve experienced while on them, I’ve been OFF them for a while now. I’m not commenting on whether or not S.S.R.I.’s are good or bad, effective or dangerous… just my trip.Please, if you take this type of medication… DON’T quit or change your dosage before talking to your doctor.

The MP3’s on this site ALWAYS sounds better the YouTube, Listen/download below:


Still no more “Neurotic Ensemble” for ya… only 4-5 songs left too.  This month was just BANANA-LAND.  I also have to upgrade my Soundcloud Account too ( https://soundcloud.com/user-187297874/tracks )

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Don’t be good.



2 thoughts on “S.S.R.I. …Side FX & Medicated Rock’n Roll ACTION man…”

  1. PAUL! This song could be your BEST ever,I fkn LOVE it!Such a dirty sounding guitar and a beat that makes you wanna tap your toes! I would love to do the vocals on it,just for old times sake! You wouldn’t mind if I brought it up an octave would you?

  2. Sure Billy !!!

    Easy Way would be to take my Vox off it, leave the mix and get yours On It!

    It would be a blast, we could to the Audio any time… hell even a YouTube “New and improved” Video!

    Hit me up if ya wanna!

    Thanks for the listen… and be well man!


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