“Super Pod” How Do You Wanna Die?

Hey gang.  Again just one new song/video for ya: Super Pod.


I saw Shane Smith of “Vice” media on the Joe Rogan Podcast… and he told a funny story story of swimming in a massive “Super Pod” of dolphins… a veritable swimming city.  He spent 20 minutes or so down there and said it was the best he ever felt in his life.

I think I would rather end it with the dolphins than rot in the ground.  How would you like to go?

See you in 2 weeks with the LAST “song from Mom’s house.”…  The six month project is almost over.  I gotta say it’s been a riot, and I’ve learned a LOT of new things. WILD STUFF coming up in July… well more about that later, and Damn it… I’ll get to the remaining “Neurotic Ensemble” stuff and some “Snake Family” hopefully.

Oh… special thanks to Shaun Gillespie for the Scuba Stuff!!!




2 thoughts on ““Super Pod” How Do You Wanna Die?”

  1. Great video Paul …and nice mix too. My second favourite song so far. Looking forward to the next one!!!

    1. Thanks Hans! Next one is the end of the series…. whats next? Who can know? Hope all is going well for you in Munich!

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