I Don’t Wanna Be Your Facebook Friend No More

Facebook Friend… WARNING: Tonnes of gorgeous dancin’ GIRLS!
Hey Guys, the time has come… This is THE LAST SONG “From Mom’s House.”
Thanks it’s been FUN.

Downloads Sound BETTER!

No new remasters still… lol. I’m gonna transfer everything from Soundcloud to YouTube, because having both is redundant and I ran outta FREE TIME!

REAL GOOD NEWS in Durango 95 land… the 1st ( Lose Control ) album has been meticulously lifted from Vynal… Remaster coming up… and it’s about time a good version was available.

Also, Songs From Mom’s House IS OVER… but something real GREAT is coming up… a Wicked Podcast Idea is being discussed, and let’s say… 99% of Musicians and other artists will love it.

See ya’s soon.


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