Neurotic Ensemble’s “Punched Around” Featuring BRYCE TREWIN of Killer Dwarf Fame

I’d forgotten how “WICKED” Bryce Trewin was/is… lead break in this song is AWESOME!

Anyway, near the end of Neurotic Ensemble, Bryce came out for a few rehearsals to see if we would all like the 2 guitar combo… those practices were a BLAST.

Neurotic had lined up a weekend demo session at the White Room in Whitby, and we recorded one of the songs that Bryce had learned with him… what an ANIMAL on guitar!

I borrowed a Les Paul from Richard Carruthers through a Plexi on the left, and Bryce is using a Jackson through a Plexi on the right.

I just started to “rescue” this session… and when I heard Bryce’s playing I figured I’d post this one special.  Aside from the first Killer Dwarf album… I’m not sure how many recordings of Bryce exist.

About the sound quality:  Keep in mind that this is a rescue from a 30-year old cassette tape from a ONE DAY three song demo session recorded on a 1″ 4-track.

Crank it up and get your ROCKS OFF!

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  1. Wow Paul !!! I think this is my favourite track…Bryce’s playing is GREAT!!! Great intro too…Adam was on it, and everyone was super tight!!! Nice!!!

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