I’m Alive… Uplifting Punk Performance By UIC… Good People Fucking Rock.

They Came... They Killed Us... and we LOVED it


"Feel-Good" Shows are rare... but we're talkin' 'bout some nice guys here


I'm biased... I love these guys... and the "new-guy" Dave D... forget about it.

I got fairly wobbly early on ( I'll blame the big friendly for that)... but what a cool scene... there ain't nuthin' like playing to 400 folks at the Horseshoe who love you... and, we loved 'em.

First off... Thanks for UIC for playing... they were great!

But thanks to something a little bit more intangible too... A punk show that was filled with good vibes! I mean it... I was kinda sauced up, but I was brought right back to the times I always loved seeing UIC... It's like a Peace, Love, Happiness thing with these guys.  And It Rocks.

Back in the early 80's... Going to Larry's or the shoe could be a testosterone filled pissing contest during poser tough guy sets.. or maybe worse a Beverly "Art" crowd Pissing on non-OCA fanboys.

UIC Always got it right... because they simply didn't pretend, they were what they were... take it or leave it... and they wanted us to take it... but that was up to us.

I personally have a million UIC stories... and I am NOT alone... I've played with all the guys at one time or another, and there ain't a rotten apple in the bunch...

The very best story was letting us all into their world again.

Thanks Boys, Do it Again:

Paul Toad




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  1. My former neighbour boys and friends of our kids Fred & Dave Robinson….Phil & Tess were there, good guys these!! Love life and be of good cheer boys!!

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