High Time For Sandra SEZ…

Teenage Angst... Re-Mastered.

Just a glimpse of things to come... draft version in MP3 format. Complete High quality Re-Mastered WAVE versions of select Durango 95 songs appearing on the Vynal album "Lose Control" available for FREE download soon.

Sandra SEZ FAQ.

1.Music and chorus lyrics written on my Mothers Piano by me in the key of D-Minor.

2. Verse Lyrics and melody written by Barrie Farrell

3. Pre-Dates Durango 95. First played in the "Goodwill Minks" Band : Farrell/MacNeil/Weir/forgotten Drummer

4. Originally written about a conversation with Sandra Tane at a local high school party in David Roney's house... Barrie's lyrics transformed it into the Teen-Outsider Anthem it is.

5. Guitar Lead is an unplanned MacNeil double take.


Vinyl lifted by Dave Dysart (U.I.C.) using: Oracle Turntable, UAD Apollo Quad Interface, Steinberg and CEDAR software. Edited and Re-Mastered by Me using Steinberg and UAD Software

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