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Oshawa Garage Punks Do Richard Berry Proud!

It was a blank request... Thought this tune was good representation of that 1st Purple Toads album...

Ahhhh... The Good Old Days Huh!

Roger Branton-Bass, Mark Keigan-Drums, Paul MacNeil-LeadVox, Rob Sweeney-Lead Guitar

Forget About You... Nah... I haven't forgotten at all...

This is the second round of tests for the remastering of the first Durango 95 album"Lose Control."

I think the bottom is tighter now.  As far as the tune goes.... it was heavily influenced by "Midnight Boys" by Chris Spedding... and is one of 2 songs on this LP written about the same girl... Sheeesh... High School sure sucks huh.

Copyright: MacNeil

I don't Feel The Need For Perfection... and I Feel Fine.

Old Song, 7 or 8 years ago... Comes off as a hippy rant, but is really pretty dark... lot's of drugs, booze and violence back then... the point is perfection is a point of view... and I don't always share it.

My Tune, but David Roney, in a round about way co-arranged it.

ps. Fuck You Aristotle



Just Bored probably... did this between the 1st and 2nd Durango 95 albums With:

"Doc" Steve Holiday: Vox

Darren Smith: Drums, Bak Vox

Paul MacNeil: Guitars, DX7

Steve Sparina: Bass

Recorded at Quest Studios by Paul LaChapelle.... there are 2 more other songs out there, but this is the only one that was even close to being viable for a re-master... and it's the "Ballad" of the session!  Suffice it to say fun was had by all... Written by: Steve Holiday/Paul MacNeil... While on ACID.

Death Valley Sunset Blues, Live el Speedo outtake... Rockin' the desert proper!

Teenage Angst... Re-Mastered.

Just a glimpse of things to come... draft version in MP3 format. Complete High quality Re-Mastered WAVE versions of select Durango 95 songs appearing on the Vynal album "Lose Control" available for FREE download soon.

Sandra SEZ FAQ.

1.Music and chorus lyrics written on my Mothers Piano by me in the key of D-Minor.

2. Verse Lyrics and melody written by Barrie Farrell

3. Pre-Dates Durango 95. First played in the "Goodwill Minks" Band : Farrell/MacNeil/Weir/forgotten Drummer

4. Originally written about a conversation with Sandra Tane at a local high school party in David Roney's house... Barrie's lyrics transformed it into the Teen-Outsider Anthem it is.

5. Guitar Lead is an unplanned MacNeil double take.

Vinyl lifted by Dave Dysart (U.I.C.) using: Oracle Turntable, UAD Apollo Quad Interface, Steinberg and CEDAR software. Edited and Re-Mastered by Me using Steinberg and UAD Software

What The Heck... here's some R 'n R for ya's

Teen Archer... Kicks it Hard....

Takes the mold off of old Durango 95 tune.

Mike M. of Teen Archer has been around the block a few times, and was there back in the early days smashing skins, winding out and screaming. It's quite humbling that Teen Archer (Facebook Page) covered an old Durango Song. Great Job guys... love it!

... Here's the Original... Written on My Mom's Piano... really... complete with mistakes and audio weirdness. Fun fact: This song had a tonne of background vocals and FX removed after the band mixed it... gone forever... too bad.. oh well it is what it is:


Hey Guys, hope you all are well. I'm taking a break 'til Christmas...

"Chelsea Tell Me"

This is one of the earliest "home made" recordings I ever did... maybe 13 years ago or so. It's Rough, but I dig the "Twang" It's uploaded as a wave file, so download would be slow... have at it though if ya want!

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