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"Chelsea Tell Me"

This is one of the earliest "home made" recordings I ever did... maybe 13 years ago or so. It's Rough, but I dig the "Twang" It's uploaded as a wave file, so download would be slow... have at it though if ya want!

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Don't be good you MOFOS!



They Came... They Killed Us... and we LOVED it


"Feel-Good" Shows are rare... but we're talkin' 'bout some nice guys here


I'm biased... I love these guys... and the "new-guy" Dave D... forget about it.

I got fairly wobbly early on ( I'll blame the big friendly for that)... but what a cool scene... there ain't nuthin' like playing to 400 folks at the Horseshoe who love you... and, we loved 'em.

First off... Thanks for UIC for playing... they were great!

But thanks to something a little bit more intangible too... A punk show that was filled with good vibes! I mean it... I was kinda sauced up, but I was brought right back to the times I always loved seeing UIC... It's like a Peace, Love, Happiness thing with these guys.  And It Rocks.

Back in the early 80's... Going to Larry's or the shoe could be a testosterone filled pissing contest during poser tough guy sets.. or maybe worse a Beverly "Art" crowd Pissing on non-OCA fanboys.

UIC Always got it right... because they simply didn't pretend, they were what they were... take it or leave it... and they wanted us to take it... but that was up to us.

I personally have a million UIC stories... and I am NOT alone... I've played with all the guys at one time or another, and there ain't a rotten apple in the bunch...

The very best story was letting us all into their world again.

Thanks Boys, Do it Again:

Paul Toad




In between UIC and The Chickens Dave was still SMOKIN' !!!

... and don't forget positively Stompin' and Possum too !

I want to encourage EVERYONE in the world to come out and witness UIC at The Horseshoe on Saturday Sept. 24th.... Who knows if we will get another chance. Time for some cropdustin' people!

This is just UIC Singer Dave Robinson and future Chicken Ken Mikalauskas on an elSpeedo tune... it's a good one... and of course Smokin' Dave is fantastic.

See You at the Show !




Living In These Places Eats Your Soul

Was Just Thinking About All The Hi-Rise Apartments I've Lived In, White Oaks, Main Centre... And What Strange Places They Are.  So Here's A Tune I Wrote While Living At White Oaks 5 Years Ago... Pretty Much Covers It.

L.A.M.F. - Paul

So Ya... this is on my Hard Drive from years ago, and You know... It's Monday!


Be Nice To Each other.



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Got A Job With The IMF.mp4_20160530_191526.361

Happy Monday… just blogging My Video Page… ya they are all original songs and a GoPro… Doing things yourself pays off!



Sister Caroline.mp4_20160530_191105.250



Right Wing World.mp4_20160212_095642.514

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This 43 Hours song was recorded March 4th, 1991 at Yamaha Music Canada Studio... the night before my daughter Brittany was born, and was the last song Neurotic Ensemble recorded.

I think it was a good way to go out... the band split up soon afterwards... but the memories are all good.

The other 3 songs, we're recorded fall of 1990 at White Room Studios ( Punched around features Bryce Trewin of "Killer Dwarf" fame.)

That's it for this band... On to... SNAKE FAMILY !!!



That about sums it up. el Speedo song from the first session.

I’d forgotten how “WICKED” Bryce Trewin was/is… lead break in this song is AWESOME!

Anyway, near the end of Neurotic Ensemble, Bryce came out for a few rehearsals to see if we would all like the 2 guitar combo… those practices were a BLAST.

Neurotic had lined up a weekend demo session at the White Room in Whitby, and we recorded one of the songs that Bryce had learned with him… what an ANIMAL on guitar!

I borrowed a Les Paul from Richard Carruthers through a Plexi on the left, and Bryce is using a Jackson through a Plexi on the right.

I just started to “rescue” this session… and when I heard Bryce’s playing I figured I’d post this one special.  Aside from the first Killer Dwarf album… I’m not sure how many recordings of Bryce exist.

About the sound quality:  Keep in mind that this is a rescue from a 30-year old cassette tape from a ONE DAY three song demo session recorded on a 1″ 4-track.

Crank it up and get your ROCKS OFF!

Just A blast from the past here…

Adam Hyland – Vox

Mark Keigan – Drums

Me on Guitars and Bass

Recorded on a 1′ 4-track at Whitroom Studios… a LONG TIME ago… ’85 – ish?

Tele straight into a Plexi… that was an Awesome Amp!