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Hey Guys, the time has come… This is THE LAST SONG “From Mom’s House.”
Thanks it’s been FUN.

Downloads Sound BETTER!

No new remasters still… lol. I’m gonna transfer everything from Soundcloud to YouTube, because having both is redundant and I ran outta FREE TIME!

REAL GOOD NEWS in Durango 95 land… the 1st ( Lose Control ) album has been meticulously lifted from Vynal… Remaster coming up… and it’s about time a good version was available.

Also, Songs From Mom’s House IS OVER… but something real GREAT is coming up… a Wicked Podcast Idea is being discussed, and let’s say… 99% of Musicians and other artists will love it.

See ya’s soon.


Hey gang.  Again just one new song/video for ya: Super Pod.


I saw Shane Smith of “Vice” media on the Joe Rogan Podcast… and he told a funny story story of swimming in a massive “Super Pod” of dolphins… a veritable swimming city.  He spent 20 minutes or so down there and said it was the best he ever felt in his life.

I think I would rather end it with the dolphins than rot in the ground.  How would you like to go?

See you in 2 weeks with the LAST “song from Mom’s house.”…  The six month project is almost over.  I gotta say it’s been a riot, and I’ve learned a LOT of new things. WILD STUFF coming up in July… well more about that later, and Damn it… I’ll get to the remaining “Neurotic Ensemble” stuff and some “Snake Family” hopefully.

Oh… special thanks to Shaun Gillespie for the Scuba Stuff!!!




Hey folks:

I’m late with this one, grrr.  Just 1 Song/Video for you: S.S.R.I.

S.S.R.I.’s are a type of medication used to treat depression.  This song is about the side effects I’ve experienced while on them, I’ve been OFF them for a while now. I’m not commenting on whether or not S.S.R.I.’s are good or bad, effective or dangerous… just my trip.Please, if you take this type of medication… DON’T quit or change your dosage before talking to your doctor.

The MP3’s on this site ALWAYS sounds better the YouTube, Listen/download below:


Still no more “Neurotic Ensemble” for ya… only 4-5 songs left too.  This month was just BANANA-LAND.  I also have to upgrade my Soundcloud Account too ( https://soundcloud.com/user-187297874/tracks )

Look around and leave a comment or complain. Subscribe even… I only blog with new Content ( 2-3 ) times a month, and I got better things to do than abuse your email.

Don’t be good.



Hey Folks, This month just one song/Video – “Pressure On The Wound.”

Anyone who has ever been insecure regarding Their housing needs will get this one.  115 BPM power rocker:

Thanks to Marry-Anne for the strobe light… it’s GROOVY!

Here’s the MP3 Download:

Well, I’m beat man… gonna post this and lie down like the old punk-fart I am.

I will finish off the “Neurotic Ensemble” Re-Masters at the end of the month… and of course have a new Video/Song for ya’s all!

Be well, L.A.M.F.



I’m way behind the Eight Ball this month… but here’s a rough mix of the next tune.



I Got NO ideas for the Video, but it will happen, it will happen.






So Ya… Made the 8’th video for “Song’s From Mom’s House.”  I Fucking HATE THE IMF.

This one brings me back to my Punk Roots… hard to believe it’s an “Acoustic” song.

Special Thanks To My MOM… the best damn Roadie on the PLANET!


Remastered Neurotic Ensemble’s 3rd session (Manta Sound). On the previous session I was using a Gretsch Tennessean… This session it’s a S.G. junior… a little too crispy 🙂  Rescued from Cassette thanks to Andy Hauber.  It’s a little rough, but it rocks… it rocks.

And, the site has been Re-Built from Scratch.  I had used “Bold Grid and Unyson Frameworks together… and well, you just shouldn’t do that.  I learned my lesson, and just used Unyson on top of WordPress with Site Origin Widgets and Jet Pack Functionalities.  This should stay up until I learn some (Lots) more code.  Look Around and click stuff, subscribe, leave a comment and download all you want.

Next time out (mid-May(…. I will have the last installment (maybe second last, if I can find more “Live” from Lee’s Palace stuff) of The Neurotic Ensemble… I can picture Jamming at Derrick’s Farm House in Brooklin with him. Brad and Adam… fond memories!

That’s it from now, L.AM.F.





paris-eiffel-tower (2)

Hi Folks!  After 6 days the site is rebuilt from the ground up…lol, I hope it stay that way till next “upgrade.”  You should be able to “Subscribe” , ” Comment” all over the place now… and “Downloading” should be smooth as well! Look around, hit some links, listen and watch some stuff… HAVE FUN.

This is an OLD gem.  Johnny Gilbert and I Drank Soooooooo VERY much 5-Star Whiskey and wrote this song at his house in Hampton.  Next afternoon we called up Mark Keigan and went to White Room Studio in Whitby to record it.  It was a legendary session with a couple of female backup singers who I can’t remember, a score of folks on hand claps… I Know Marc Battle was there.  Fun Times 🙂 Mark’s on Drums, Johnny Gilbert plays lead guitar (I think he was trying to play as bad as me) and I’m playing guitar, bass and singing.  Hope you like this ancient gem!

Hey I also Took another stab at the “Heavy Movers” Tracks They Sound Sooooo Much BETTER now:

That’s it for Now… don’t be Good!